Why Perky Pints?

Avg customers

$ avg annual subscription

$ in additional revenue per yr


Free up time for you and your bartenders

Allow us to handle the details so you have more time to take care of the operations of your brewery and taproom. 

No more spreadsheets

We track everything on our backend, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining long spreadsheets or the POS rewards systems.

We pay you

You read that correctly! We pay you to use the app. We make money if you make money on the premium subscriptions.

Keep customers loyal

Rewards programs are a great way to keep your customers coming back. 

Exclusive events

Throw parties for your premium subscribers. Early access to bottle releases. Whatever you can think of!

Offer a Free Tier

Reward your customers just for coming back and keep them loyal. By offering a free tier to your rewards, we find that more people are likely to return and in turn, subscribe.

Premium subscriptions

Once you’re customers have started using the free tier, we can funnel them into being paid subscribers. This is where they pay a monthly or yearly fee (which you decide) and get extra rewards like 20 oz pours, free growler fills, discount on merch, etc.


Start getting rewarded for the breweries you visit and the beer you drink. Subscribe to your favorites and get access to even better rewards and members only events.


Check what local events are happening at your favorite breweries + members only premium events


Check-in to your favorite breweries and get rewarded


Subscribe to your favorite breweries + get access to better rewards + exclusive events


Track your progress to your next rewards